Half Price Humpday

July 24, 2024 all-day

Singles day Fees are $20. If you come as a couple or group, each additional male is $10 and each additional female is free. Wednesdays only prices. Music and Karaoke in the Clubhouse 5 – 9 pm.

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May I come alone on weds? I want to experience what it is like there. I love being naked and I can’t walk around my front yard or backyard like that. I wish but I can’t.
The fee is $20? From what time to what time?

Of course, this is the perfect place to experience the freedom of Nonsexual nudity. We open at 9 am and must check in before 5pm. You can stay until midnight. $20 per person on Wednesdays. $40 for singles any other day and $50 per couple.

Yes just drive up to the gate and press the call button. Someone will let you in and ask you to come to the office.

Hi, I’m thinking about going there on Wed, but I’d have to go by myself because hubby isn’t into nudism. He’s also worried about mosquitoes? Do they present a problem there or do you do some sort of mosquito control?

Sounds great. Wednesday is good because its the week so not overcrowded, but also half price singles fees draws a small crowd so people to talk to. Parish sprays for mosquitos every two weeks so not a problem in open areas and around the pool but still suggest bug spray if going to be walking the trails. See you soon.

That is great. Look at rental section of website and pick out a cabin you like. You can book here the website or call the office. 9856419998

We had a great time. Staff is so helpful professional and friendly.
We are looking forward to coming back.
Sunny (Nanette Sullivan)

I’ve been twice now and had a blast both times. The first time was on half price wednesday and I went with a friend. Second time was on Father’s Day and I went by myself. I had a great time both days. Friendly people and so relaxing. I plan to return soon. Hoping to be able to become a member.

Hi, I am looking to visit , maybe with my girlfriend. We would be first timer . Looking to just spend the day , an experience the park. As a guest, do u offer a secure place to storage of personal items ?

Most people leave personal items in car and just keep keys on them in a beach bag or such. You will be able to park next to the pool area which means your vehicle is within your sight while there. Seeing as we are behind a gate and have closed circuit video surveillance, we really don’t have many issues with theft. Hope to see you soon.

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