Daily Fees

Couples: $40.00

Singles: Men $30.00

Singles: Lady $20.00

Come enjoy a dip in the pool or rejuvenate in the hot tub for the day.

Annual Membership

Annual Memberships require 3 previous stays and a background check.

Couples: $480

Singles: $375  

All Members are required to Pay an Overnight Fee of $10.00 when staying the night.

Great for the local folk. See the office to apply. 

Monthly Lot Rental

$430 per month plus electricity billed per usage by meter. Free water. Monthly renters are required to have a membership.

Rental Units Available

Ranging from $68 to $150 per day plus daily fees if not a member. Member get 15% discount on all rentals.

Overnight Camping

Tent Camping

Members: $10

Non-Members: $15

RV Camping

Members: $20

Non-Members: $25