Important Rules for the Safety & Comfort of All Guests & Members

  • At this time you must be 18+ to enjoy. NO Minors allowed.
  • NUDITY REQUIRED around pool area and in clubhouse. Towels, wraps, shirts allowed. NO street clothes or bathing suits. No clothing of any kind in pool or hot tub except a hat. 
  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY: minimize cell phone use and keep stickers over cameras.
  • SIT ON A TOWEL always. Never sit bare bottomed anywhere. 
  • NO GLASS allowed in public areas even in coolers. Coolers are not to be placed along the pool edge.
  • NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY in public areas EVER!!! There shall be no sexual activity in pool, hot tub or Indian Room or the vicinity there of. That will be grounds for immediate removal and banned from park. If banned from Park there will be no refunds of any kind given. Even the perception of sexual misconduct will be addressed.
  • NO DIVING swim at your own risk
  • Bullying, excessive drunkenness, profanity, and rudeness will result in you being asked to leave. 
  • SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH throughout the park
  • Pets are allowed in park but not in pool area or clubhouse. Please keep all pets on a leash and clean up any feces. 

Photography Policy

At Indian Hills, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy a naturist lifestyle with a high priority placed on guests’ privacy. We would like to remind you that photography is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the park. Thank you for your attention to this simple but important rule. It’s best to keep cell phone use to a minimum and always keep provided stickers on both cameras on the phone at all times in the park.