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If you are new to the park, please take your time in reading over the rules under the Park Info tab. Feel free to call and ask plenty of questions, or stop by and talk to the office. We can give you a tour of the facilities with your clothes on to get a feel of the place. Once you come in the gates, you won’t ever want to leave!

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Come on down. We are available until 5 PM for check in and you are free to stay as late as you would like.

Tell the Queen Jacob from Alabama says “Hello and Geux TIGERS!”

Also, tell her Jacob agrees to follow the posted speed limit

See you soon, maybe with a lady

Jacob from Alabama

No one can come on the grounds without paying a guest fee unless it is to do official park business.

Is it considered embarrassed to walk around with an a erection as a man. Because I never been to a nude camp. But I don’t want to embarrass myself.

While getting an erection is natural, it is uncommon unless provoked which is discouraged. Keep a towel or wrap handy to cover yourself. You will get comfortable quickly and it will not happen nearly as much as you think. Relax, enjoy the scenery, talk to some people and feel the pressures go away. Social Nudity is a nonsexual activity.

I have a question. My wife and I are wanting to come sometime this summer. I have no problem being nude. But she wants to know if she can go topless and possibly a thong at first until she gets comfortable? We’ve never been to a resort before so we were curious.

Hi Owen, Most of the park is clothing optional. The few exceptions are around the pool/hot tub where nudity is required and club house where nudity is expected. Her outfit would be fine in clubhouse but not in pool area. She would get way more stares wearing the thong than being fully nude. She can wear a wrap or towel around her waste in these areas which would keep her covered until she feels comfortable. No clothing allowed in the pool.

I would love to be in nature, feel the air on my skin, and soak up vitamin D clothes free in a social setting. In my younger “fitter” days, decades ago, I enjoyed social naturism. Now that I am much older and much larger I have doubts of taking the plunge into naturism because of my body shame/acceptance issues. In all other areas of my life, I do my thing and don’t care what others think, but this is different. Have others experienced this, are there seasoned members 55+ that participate, do you have any advice or wisdom?

Hello my name is Matt and this would be a first time experience for me and my girlfriend what to expect and we would like to probably come and stay from the 16th to 19th of August

Hello Matt,
The most important thing you will experience is acceptance, from yourself and others. Nudity has that affect on people. Our place is strictly a non-sexual location. It is very important that all guests know and follow all rules. During the week it is very relaxed with very few people around, mostly residents or local day people. Make sure you make reservations so we know what to have ready for you. See you soon.
TK, Manager

Hi. Im considering visiting for the first time in a few months and i was wondering if your rates are by the day or if its a one time payment for the visit if i planned on camping overnight.

Day trippers are just future members. Just hit the buzzer when you get here and go up to the office with an ID to sign in. Bring own towel, food and drinks. NO GLASS! $30 for a single day fee or $40 for a couple. We encourage you to bring a friend of any gender to take advantage of the discount plus have someone you know to talk to. Wednesday day fees are just $10. WOW!

Is the crowd usually younger or older? I am freshly 18 and am interested in visiting and was just curious if there would be people in my own age group.

18-24 is rare but occurs. Usually on a Saturday night. Follow our Facebook (@indianhillsNP) and look at events you think younger people would enjoy. All ages are welcome and exist we just can’t tell you when that will be because we have yet to truly predict it ourselves.

You get a free day fee on your actual birthday with ID. The birthday weekend we have cake at karaoke Saturday nights.

Hey, planning to come down and rent a place to get away and work away from home for a few days. I was wondering during if any of your properties had internet and/or a TV?

The vast majority of the rentals have antennae TV. Many are smart tvs that if you can hook up to wifi will work. Wifi is available but very unreliable and not very fast. We are close to town so mobile hotspots work well.

Visited for the first time today and it was great. The staff is friendly and the members were so nice to me. I look forward to the next chance I get to visit. -JC

I would like to come for a day it would be my 1st time coming to a nudist camp/resort any advice on what to expect

Sorry lots of places are very couple dominant or heavy on the single males
As a single man, 59, curious how the mingling is
Also how full is it now. Any nice RV spots open now

We do not have any one day the same. Wednesdays are typically singles. Weekdays skewer older. Weekends are more couples and younger and each weekend skews depending on the events. We are proud of the diversity of our park. We have plenty spots in general, but some weekends such as Memorial, July 4th, and Labor Day fill up quickly. Day fees are $40/single $50/couple. RV spots are $25 electric and water, $35 w/sewage (day fees separate). If you want to book a specific spot please call office number.

I just stayed overnight. I enjoyed it very much. I will have to stay 2 nights next time I’m passing through. Thank you for the hospitality!

I’ve never been to a nudist park, or beach or anything like that, but I’m very interested. I’m curious as to the ratio of men to women on a normal day.

There is no normal day at a nudist location. Everyday is different; age, gender, numbers, sizes, etc. Probability is there will be more men than women but ratio is never the same.

An inside glow party is held in our clubhouse. People use body paint, tattoos, jewelry, etc in place of clothes.

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