2024 Brochure

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Either works. We don’t discriminate. As long as everyone is respectful and mature.

We do not rent our rentals by the month as these are most times rented way in advance. You could bring in your own camper and stay here for a month at a time. This would entail 3 visits, a membership (we do background checks before allowing a membership) plus the monthly rent and electricity. Depending on when you want to come, we do have snowbird rates which are listed on our website. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

Hello Hank,
This is a nudist place. We are here to enjoy nudity; whether alone in peace with nature or as a social activity with old and new friends. We are not a “swingers place”. We do not judge peoples lifestyle but we ask that it not be the reason you are here. No sexual activities are allowed in outdoor or public spaces like the pool and clubhouse.

If we are renting for the weekend do we have to pay the day fee plus the cabin or just the cabin fee times how many days we staying

Looking for a family friendly place. I know you are 18 and over but is there any days for families with young Kids?

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