Women Wednesdays and Half Price Humpday

Happy Humpdays

$20 single day fee. Women get in free as the guest of a paid member or day fee patron. (member must be present at check-in)

Music and Open mic from 6-9 in the clubhouse. 

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i am new to being a nudist i would like my freedom of being naked but i might get a hard cock what to do???

Use mature words and have a mature attitude. This place is not about sexuality but sometimes erections happen. Excuse yourself or cover with a towel until it goes away. If you are talking to others in a social/respectful way, then they rarely ever occur. If you are doing things to encourage your erection, then you will be asked to warned and eventually be asked to leave. Please familiarize yourself with the rules on this website and do some research into what social nudity/naturism really means. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

For the Wednesday special do I need to be pre-approved from management? Like the normal background check that you do.

Pre-approval is only needed for memberships and long term stays (more than a week). Just need ID on file for day fees including half priced hump days.

Is there a shower room for men and one for women or does it matter? My lady friend and I were just wondering.

If I want to come on a hump day Wednesday what time do I need to check in by ? How long can I stay? The cost would be for one person would be $15.00 correct.

Price is $15 per person. Check in is from 9 Am to 5 PM. You can stay until midnight of that day.

Sorry for the 2nd question. If i register and have to leave for a work appointment can I return later that day ?

Only with approval of the manager on duty that day. That approval will depend on time of return and activities of the day.

Cash preferred, credit card and tap and pay options work, We do not accept checks from non members.

I will be in town August 9th and 10th and would love to attend the hump day special. Can I sign up on Tuesday the 9th for the Wednesday hump day special. Have a meeting on Wednesday afternoon and not sure if I will make it on time to register and take the required tour.

Hi dec 23, kinda cool, , If i come during day, what can i do or where can i go to meet freinds or others, to cool to go in pool, is there a , warm club house or warm space , that could talk an meet, others, on cool days, thanks for any suggestions,,

Correct, Winter is not usually the season to meet new people outdoors nude. The clubhouse is used for Friday Karaoke and Saturday theme activities (check the calendar on the website). Mostly it is residents, occasional snowbirds passing through and local members. Everyone is always nice but there aren’t always people about. Winter is reserved for getting away from the hustle and bustle of family and holiday activities.

We accept everyone for who they are as long as they can follow the basic rules of the park and society.

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