Park Management

Park now under the management of the Kraemer Family. Stephanie, Arzen, Steven and Tim are available to help you with any questions or issues. The owners, Hilda and Selves, continue to be major parts in the success of the Park. 

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(Me) Jessie Bellard and (him) Kelly hunt
Would like to come to the park today we never been before

I’m new to this and would like to come down for a day soon for a tour and check out the facilities. Like I said, I’m new to this and want to be comfortable and to enjoy the experience.

Come down during office hours and we will give you a tour of the grounds and go over the rules to make you comfortable to try nudism at your own pace.

Had my first experience last Saturday with a day visit. Everyone was friendly, open and welcoming. I was a bit apprehensive at first but soon relaxed and enjoyed my visit. Everyone’s friendly and helpful attitude made it an easy adjustment. Looking forward to a return visit.

Hi! My partner and I want to come to the alien invasion event but are not planning on staying more than a few hours 11pm-3am maybe. Do we need to pay for a camp spot or just a day fee? This will be our first visit.

You would just pay a day fee, but you will have to come in before 7 pm to check in. Our office is open 9 am-7pm.

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